P. Löb, G. Szirbik

POLYCAT european project IMM, Thalesnano, Sanofi, EPFL...

, par Valérie Meille, Claude De Bellefon, Frédéric Bornette, Régis Philippe, Florica Simescu Lazar, Jean-Noël Tourvieille

POLYCAT is a large scale integrating collaborative FP7-EU-project with its acronym standing for “Modern polymer-based catalysts and microflow conditions as key elements of innovations in fine chemical synthesis”.

POLYCAT was launched on October 1st 2010 as a 3.5-year project and is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development with 7 million Euro.

The EU-project POLYCAT allies the expertise of 19 industrial and academic partners for the development of novel polymer-supported catalysts. Based on highly reactive nanoparticles these catalysts shall lead to higher selectivity and efficiency in industrial relevant reactions. Furthermore the conjunction between these novel catalytic systems and micro process technology, allowing the precise setting of ideal reaction conditions, shall provide improved production processes for chemical industry. The development work in this project shall lead to a multi-purpose, compact least-cost container-type plant infrastructure, which allows the utilization of the novel and improved production method for the industrial partners. Concomitant to these technical developments, life cycle assessments and cost analyses will be performed in order to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of POLYCAT-based processes.