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  • Informatics

    , by LGPC staff

    The computer installation of LGPC is distributed as: On the hardware side: Multiple servers for email / web / daily backups / file serving. Multiple workstations provide a lot of possibilities to solve computing problems from CAO to physical chemistry modeling. Tens of computers and notebooks (...)

  • Engineering department

    , by LGPC staff

    The principal technical responsibilities are ensured by
    Laurent Vanoye for the chromatography
    Stephanie Pallier for the characterization of the solids
    Frédéric Bornette for the assembly of the pilots
    Fabrice Campoli for the mechanical (...)

  • General services

    , by LGPC staff

    Health and safety
    Stephanie Pallier is in charge of making people respect health and safety rules Training
    Valérie Meille communicates the available courses to the lab staff