Analytic equipment

Articles in this section

  • Tensiometer

    , by Valérie Meille

    This apparatus gives access to contact angles, surface energies of solids and surface tension of liquids.

  • Tabletop SEM microscope

    , by LGPC staff

    The new TM-1000 Tabletop Microscope from Hitachi High-Technologies is set to transform the field of basic microscopy.
    The TM-1000 utilizes scanning electron microscope (SEM) technology. It is easy to use while retaining powerful imaging capabilities. Surface morphology is shown in stereoscopic (...)

  • Particle size analyzer

    , by Stephanie Pallier

    The Mastersizer S has the flexibility to allow wet and dry measurements to be made in rapid succession, as well as enabling the user to change rapidly from aqueous to solvent based dispersions.
    Many materials need to be measured in a wet dispersion. These include materials that are used wet in (...)

  • Liquid phase chromatograph

    , by Dominique Richard

    The LGPC uses a liquid phase chromatography Shimadzu setup made of:
    a LC-10AT pump
    a CT10A VP column oven
    a SPD M10A VP UV-visible diode array detector
    a Class VP version 5.02 data processing software
    Various columns for Partition Chromatography as well as for Steric Exclusion (...)

  • Gas phase chromatographs

    , by Pierre Grenouillet

    4 Agilent 6890 chromatographs (2 ways per apparatus) with automatic liquid sampler, HPCHEM software
    1 Agilent 6890 chromatograph (2 ways), with HPCHEM software and a inhouse macro-program for automatised high-throughput analyses.
    4 5890 chromatographs with automatic liquid sampler (...)